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Yuasa NP3.2-12 Battery 3.2Ah 12V Sealed Lead Acid Battery

£11.00 (inc VAT) £9.17 (ex VAT)

Product Features

  • Manufacturer : Yuasa
  • Part Number : NP3.2-12
  • 3.2Ah 12 Volt Battery
  • Sealed Lead Acid Battery

Technical Details

Yuasa NP3.2-12 Battery

The Yuasa NP3.2-12 Battery is a sealed lead acid battery which is ideal for standby use.

  • Unique Electrolyte Suspension System including a microfine glass mat to keep the maximum amount of electrolyte in the cells
  • Sealed contruction ensures no electrolyte leakage
  • Oxygen Recombination Technology ensures controlling the generation of gas
  • Valve regulated
  • Lead calcium alloy grids for extended life
  • Brilliant recovery from deep discharge
  • Separators prevent inter-plate short circuits
  • Low maintenance operation
  • Suitable for cyclic and float applications
    • Long Cycle Service Life - over 1000 discharge/charge cycles (depending on depth of discharge)
    • Float Service Life - ca. 5 years in float standby applications
  • Low self discharge rate ensures a long life while stored - up to one year (normal ambient temperature, no permanent loss of capacity
  • Operation in any orientation except continuous inverted
  • Nominal Voltage: 12Volts
  • Dimensions: L: 134 x W: 67 x H: 64mm
  • Weight: Typical 1.2kg
Sealed Lead Acid Battery Operation Temperature Range:
  • Charge: - 15°C to +50°C
  • Discharge: - 20°C to +60°C
  • Storage: - 20°C to +50°C (fully charged battery)
Yuasa uses their 80 years experience in the lead acid battery field to develop and produce the enhanced design of NP Sealed Lead Acid batteries. The Yuasa NP3.2-12 Battery utilises the state-of-the-art Oxygen Recombination Technology.

Yuasa NP3.2-12 Battery Datasheet


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